Car Tags

Driven to make a difference in the lives of sick and injured children? Purchase one of our specialty car tags at any Mississippi Tax Collector’s Office location and go the extra mile for a great cause! A portion of your tag cost will benefit Friends of Children’s Hospital.

Spread hope and smiles with a Friends car tag

Looking to make a difference in the lives of sick children? Consider purchasing a Friends of Children’s Hospital license plate! By adding just $51 to your regular car tag fee, you can help over 220,000 children who are receiving care at Mississippi’s only children’s hospital. Swing by your county Tax Collector’s office to get your hands on one. It’s a quick and easy way to show your support!

Rally around Your Team and Children’sof Mississippi

LSU and Alabama fans can show their support for pediatric patients by purchasing these specialty tags in Mississippi. Each tag costs $51 above the normal price, with $44 going directly to Friends. These universities have chosen to support Mississippi’s sick and injured children and for that, we are grateful. We’re proud to call them Friends and value their dedication to our community and the children we serve.

Go wild for wildlife

The Mississippi Wildlife Enforcement Officers’ Association is generously donating $2 from every specialty MWEOA license plate sale to Friends of Children’s Hospital. You can buy these plates at your county Tax Collector’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Friends of Children’s Hospital license plate?

Specialty license plates, such as the one for Friends of Children’s Hospital, may be purchased at your county tax collector’s office.

How much does the Friends of Children’s Hospital license plate cost, and how much money does the organization receive from the sale of the tags?

The cost of the specialty license plate is an additional $51. Friends receives $44 of that amount from the Mississippi Department of Revenue each year at renewal.

After prepaying for a tag and then trading vehicles, can I put my specialty tag on my new vehicle?

Yes, the county will allow you to transfer your specialty plate to another vehicle.

Can I keep my specialty tag if I decide to put a different one on my vehicle instead?

State law requires that specialty tags be surrendered to the tax collector’s office if the owner does not wish to have that tag registered to their vehicle anymore. Furthermore, the license plate currently on the vehicle must be surrendered before a new license plate will be issued.

If moving from one county to another, what is the process for registering the license plate in the new county?

Vehicle owners may either visit their local tax collector’s office to have their information forwarded from the previous county, or they may contact the Department of Revenue to have the county forward the tag to the correct county’s office.

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