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Show your support by becoming a FRIEND of children’s hospital, where you can help improve healthcare for the state’s greatest natural resource – our children. Your annual support and participation help us meet the needs of more than 180,000 children treated at Children’s of Mississippi annually. Please become a FRIEND today so you can make a difference in a child’s life.

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And a very special thank you to our Premier Friends

  • Deborah Allen
  • Phoebe and Dave Ashcraft
  • Shellie and Betty Stevens Bailey
  • Ashley and Gabe Baldwin
  • Jeanie and John Batson
  • Joan Bertaut
  • Kay and Ernest Black
  • Dr. Susan Buttross and Robert Riddell
  • Katy and Nelson Creath
  • Pat and Charles Decker
  • Ana and Mario Freitas
  • Mariana Freitas
  • Rebecca and Josh Geiger
  • Cathy and Joey Havens
  • Kennith Helton
  • Sandra and Matt Holleman
  • Nancy and Bill Howard
  • Jamie and Jerry Inmon
  • Paula and Randy James
  • Susan Shands Jones
  • Leila and Sam Lane
  • Nora Frances and Vaughn McRae
  • Melanie and Richard Morgan
  • Camille and William Morris
  • Sara and Bill Ray
  • Rusty Healy Agency, Inc.
  • Leanna and Al Sage
  • Morgan and Aaron Samuels
  • Jeanne and John Scarbrough
  • Shirley and Harry Simmons
  • Sophie and Dr. William Sistrunk
  • Renee and D.P. Smith
  • Suzan and Tommy Thames
  • Christine and Dr. Steven Zachow

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Your Support in Action

Caroline Carlisle

Kindness, compassion and empathy matter to everyone, but in Caroline Carlisle’s world, those characteristics–taken for granted by so many–have made the world of difference and shaped both who she is today and who she aspires to be tomorrow.