Board of Directors

When Friends of Children’s Hospital was created in 1989, the board of directors was a small group dedicated to improving Mississippi’s Children’s Hospital. Since then, the size of the board has increased but the goals have not changed. The volunteer group of directors works together to promote fundraising events and reach new donors. New board members are elected each July.


  • Mary Clift Abdalla
  • Kristin Allen
  • Gabe Baldwin
  • Jordan H. Bryan
  • Byron Burkhalter
  • Nicole Cleveland, MD
  • Jill Dale
  • Aimee Garner
  • Ben James
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Janna Lampton
  • Holly Lange
  • Katherine McRae
  • Samantha Moore
  • Sanford Moore
  • Aaron Samuels
  • John Scarbrough
  • William VanDevender, Jr.

Executive Committee

  • John Scarbrough – Chairman
  • William VanDevender, Jr. – Treasurer  
  • Kristin Allen – Chair-Elect
  • Mary Clift Abdalla
  • Jill Dale


  • Meredith Aldridge
  • Guy Giesecke
  • Mary Taylor, MD


Your Support in Action

Nathan Patrick

In his young life, eight-year-old Nathan Patrick has learned one of life’s most profound lessons–that there is no greater purpose in life than serving others.