Board of Directors

In 1989, Friends of Children’s Hospital was established with a small, dedicated board focused on enhancing Mississippi’s Children’s Hospital. Over time, the board has grown in size while maintaining its original goals. Together, the volunteer directors collaborate to organize fundraising events and cultivate new partners. Each July, new board members are elected to continue the mission.

2023-2024 Board of directors

  • Kristin Allen, Chairman
  • Mary Clift Abdalla, Chair-Elect
  • Jordan H. Bryan
  • Byron Burkhalter
  • Nicole Cleveland, MD
  • Aimee Garner
  • Rebekah Gregory
  • Mark Hosemann
  • Ben James
  • Jennifer Johnson, Audit Chair
  • Janna Lampton, Kites & Rainbows Chair
  • Katherine McRae
  • Samantha Moore
  • Sanford Moore
  • Hon. Jennifer Nicaud
  • Aaron Samuels, Treasurer
  • Jia Scott
  • William VanDevender, Jr.
  • Meredith Aldridge, Ex-Officio
  • Caitlin Foreman, Ex-Officio
  • Guy Giesecke, Ex-Officio
  • Mary Taylor, MD, Ex-Officio

Your Support in Action

Aiden Robinson

For Aiden Robinson, the fun lies in the strategy. While much of his life has involved the challenges associated with his Neurofibromatosis and Sagittal Craniosynostosis diagnoses, Aiden, as a result, has developed resilience, strength, and patience–along with an amazing knowledge base and generous heart.