Your Support in Action

Andi Sisk


years old

Wants to be a Veterinarian

The best thing about our experience at Friends during her surgery was the doctors and nurses who cared for her. As a new mom, they made me feel very at ease, in the know with constant updates and information upfront, and they showed that they really loved and cared for her. I appreciated that very much. What a wonderful team!

—Carley, Andi's Mother

Energetic, playful and lovable are all words that describe animal-loving Andi Sisk, who at the age of 3, already knows she wants to be a veterinarian–or work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom– when she grows up. Andi is a typical toddler, who loves to sing along with the characters of “Encanto” and “Moana,” play with her toys, swing outside and take her dog Freddie on walks with her big brother and sister. Andi’s Down syndrome diagnosis is a part of her life–but certainly does not define it.