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Friends is Matching all gifts through December 31, 2022 to complete the Sidney P. Allen Child Life Fund.

Happy Holidays! As the countdown to the new year begins, Friends of Children’s Hospital has reflected on 2022 with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude and looks ahead to 2023 with exciting new goals set with purpose and hope. But first, we hope to close 2022 on a very high note, by completing the funding of The Sidney P. Allen and Friends of Children’s Hospital Child Life Fund.

In 2019, Friends of Children’s Hospital set a fundraising goal of $1 million for The Sidney Allen and Friends Fund. Three years later, we’re heartened to say we’ve nearly reached this goal, and are deeply grateful for donors like you who’ve made this possible. With more than $860,000 committed, we’re hopeful you will help us reach–and exceed–the $1 million mark before the year ends.

The Sidney Allen and Friends Fund was established to honor the life and legacy of Sidney Allen, who passed away on November 10, 2018, after a brief battle with cancer. Sidney was a longtime Friends of Children’s Hospital board member, serving as both president and chairman in his tenure, and a passionate advocate of Child Life Services at Children’s of Mississippi.

What is Child Life, and why did Sidney believe in it? Members of the Child Life team, known as Child Life Specialists, concentrate on helping children and families understand and cope with stressors related to illness, hospitalization, and trauma. They also keep the focus on what it means to be a child. Regardless of patients’ circumstances, the injuries they have sustained, or the critical healthcare crises they experience, children treated by Child Life Specialists know they are still kids. Through Child Life programming, they are kids that can still learn, laugh, sing, dance, create, imagine, play and make friends while in the hospital.

We know providing long-lasting financial sustainability for Child Life would delight Sidney which is why Friends of Children’s Hospital has agreed to match all gifts made to The Sidney Allen and Friends Fund through 2022, up to $225,000, with a lead gift contributed by The Allen Family.
Each gift received will not only pay tribute to Sidney’s exceptional life and genuine compassion for others; it will also support the little heroes cared for at Mississippi’s only children’s hospital.

Donations to The Sidney Allen and Friends Fund can be made by completing and returning the enclosed card or by scanning the QR code below. Please note your gift is for The Sidney Allen and Friends Fund. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. We wish you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday.