Your Support in Action

Nathan Patrick


years old

Wants to be a Firefighter

At one of the toughest times in our lives, Batson Hospital was there [for us]. Nathan’s had one surgeon who has performed all of his surgeries… he’s just had a wonderful round of doctors to take care of him.

—Latanya, Nathan's Mother

In his young life, eight-year-old Nathan Patrick has learned one of life’s most profound lessons–that there is no greater purpose in life than serving others. Hospital stays and doctors’ appointments, perhaps, shaped his perspective on the importance and value in helping others. Regardless of the inspiration, though, Nathan has known since preschool that he wanted to be a fireman when he grows up “because I like to help others,” he said. Nathan has been carrying this dream with him for more than three years now, watching the firefighter pup in “Paw Patrol” and other videos on YouTube–further solidifying his ambitions. With that kind of determination, anything is possible!