Your Support in Action

Addie Hamm


years old

Wants to be a Scientist

I love getting to go to my hospital! It’s so fun and everyone is very nice.


Eight-year-old Addie Hamm has undergone more tests and procedures than most people experience in a lifetime, and perhaps, that is why she wants to one day become a scientist. The mixing of chemicals and resulting reactions especially interest her, and science is her favorite subject in school–particularly the weather lesson in which she made a tornado in a bottle! When she is not watching science videos or conducting her own experiments at home, Addie also loves her weekly jazz, ballet and hip-hop dance lessons; spending time with her twin brother, Teddy; and playing with her Shih Tzu dog Cooper. Addie may have Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, but her diagnosis is not preventing her from living a full life and reaching for the stars. Who knows–she may one day be an astronaut exploring them in person!

Our family appreciates all the support Friend of Children’s Hospital provides to our children as well as all children across our State. The programs and initiatives contributed by FOCH allow for the development of joy and calm for children to endure the medical care that is necessary. Those resources round out the total experience for every child.

—Lindsey, Addie's Mother